The Digital Marketing Subscription is for organizations and individuals working to create social-impact. Together, we'll create and implement a strategy that best aligns with the positive change you aspire to make.

dETAILS: Discounted at $1,250 /moNTH , $150 deposit, 3/mO. contract


services include:

One on One Consulting | Strategize how to best represent your brand and movement in the digital space.

Social Media Management | Oversee that all social media initiatives align with marketing strategy including scheduling during optimized posting times, maximizing reach on each specific platform, and communicating any important company highlights to the target audience. 

Content Creation| Create original content through varying mediums of graphic design, photography, video, and copy writing that best represents the brand.

Copy Writing for Web| Audit current copy on website and social media platforms and suggest new copy or copy alterations to best align with brand messaging.

Community Management | Expand the company's brand messaging on social media by monitoring and engaging with comments from target audience. This contributes to the role of customer service and gives audience and incentive to engage which in turn broadens the platform's reach.

Photography | Coordinate shoots for company events, head shots for the team, or updated images for your website every three months.

Newsletters | Create quarterly newsletters to stay top of mind and engage audience through an ever-growing email list. 

Analytics & Reporting | Track marketing progress through monthly and quarterly reports that will highlight what we did well, where we can improve, and how we can optimize our efforts. The goal is to constantly refine our strategy to keep up with everyday digital innovations.