digital marketing strategist


The thing I love about marketing is that it gives us an opportunity to see the world how it could be, and not necessarily be restrained by what it is. When your heart is in the right place, and you come from a place of service - connecting with your audience comes easy!



Due to the ghost-writing nature of my work, a password is required upon viewing my portfolio.
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Digital Marketing Subscription

for social impact orgANIZATIONs

Services include: one on one consulting, social media management, content creation, copy-writing, community management, basic photography, newsletters, and analytics + reporting.

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Virtual assistant services

for influencers and solo entrepreneurs

Services are dependent upon client needs but may include digital strategy, brand outreach, and content creation.

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marketing consultations

for small businesses and aspiring business owners

Schedule a marketing audit and strategy session. Together we’ll create a holistic plan ready for execution.

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