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As far back as I could remember I could always be found with a notebook and pencil. Over 20 years later and that seems to be my only constant. For me, writing has always been about documenting life as it happens. It was a mechanism to captivate vulnerability and disrupt time. Words are personal. Yet, today I spend more time defining the voice of others that I forget about mine. I don't know if I'll ever write a book, or what kind of stories my words will tell, but just like I was back then - I'll be ready to document life as it happens. This time with more intention.

Life Documents is an archive of new-to-me experiences stringed together with the aim of transparency and accountability. Today I am committing to all the versions of myself that I aspire to be and I hope it reminds you & I both that we can do anything we want to - we just have to start.


Up until 25.

these are my life documents


as of November 2018…

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The Restless Wave by Senator John McCain.

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Thanksgiving, the best holiday of course!

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This Tim Ferriss Podcast with Ann Miura. I cried.

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