From Me to You: Choose Love

You cannot hate yourself into someone you can love.

It’s been a while since a quote stunned me into paralysis. I’ve read this line over and over again since. The self is an interesting thing… and while self-awareness is pivotal to our survival, mostly it’s unreliable. Some days I feel like I can think an entire day away; contrasting thoughts pull me in every direction only to find that I’ve remained stagnant. It took me a long time to trust myself. To be kind to myself. To listen to the people that love me… and I know this will always be a battle, but for now it’s one that I’m winning.

The thing is - no one is going to hate you more than you do if that’s what you choose, and no one is going to love you more than you do if that’s what you choose. Some days you’ll be at a loss for words and some days you won’t want to show up, but what you do choose will undoubtedly determine the life that you’ll create.

Life for me has been riddled with insecurity, and while that never really goes away, it doesn’t help much either. Fill your life with people that lift you up. Follow people you can learn from. Hold on to the good things and remind yourself why you’re still here.

We live in such an unrestrained time that the person you are is just waiting to be found. Find them. Be them. Love them.