WA | NDERLUST in Seattle, Washington.


There's nothing more empowering than navigating through an unfamiliar city and breaking out of your routine. Granted, technology has made this a lot easier but taking a trip to Seattle just because I can was uplifting in so many ways. Maybe I'm just naive but I generally feel safe when I'm out and about. I don't know how people pre-Uber and pre-Google maps did it.


My sister, Riz, and I arrived in Seattle on a Saturday morning planning to take an Uber to the very well-known tourist location - Pike's Place Market, but found ourselves on a $3 train instead.(Win!) If you don't know my family, we're all about food. If something good happens, "what do you want to eat?" If something bad happens, "what do you want to eat?" It's probably my sole motivation for travel to be honest... and that's what we did. We ate. Gyros. Eclairs. Fresh mango juice. Clam Chowder. Macarons. We would've eaten more if we weren't petite Asian ladies on a budget. (Also, I should've prefaced this and said that we came to Seattle for a run on Sunday lol.)


After roaming Pike's Place we went to the Seattle Aquarium, and the best part of the aquarium was they had a bag check so we didn't have to carry our luggage. I never felt more free in that moment and I'm only slightly joking. The entire time we felt guilty because we didn't bring my sister's two year old son along. You can read about how motherhood hi-jacked her brain here. Visiting the aquarium made me realize how Octopus' are such creepy creatures... Afterwards we decided to ride the Seattle Great wheel despite the fact that we're both terrified of slow-torturous heights. We left our bags in bag check of course, lol. (Travel tip#1 you could say.) When we got off we could not stop laughing. Adrenaline is a weird thing... When we finally calmed down we accidentally ventured on a 1.5 mi uphill walk (*with all our luggage, and did I mention we were here for a run the next day? Haha.) Needless to say, we were exhausted.


One of the best parts was one of my closest friends that recently moved from Phoenix to Portland, Bridgette, joined us for dinner! Her and her sister eat vegan/vegetarian so we ended up at a vegan restaurant called Plum Bistro, which is ranked as one of the top 8 vegan restaurants in the United States. You know it's good vegan food when you don't realize you're eating vegan food... Bridgette kindly drove us 30 mi to Issaquah where our AirBnb and run was. (Another $45 uber trip saved) and the home was more beautiful than we could have imagined. We ended the night soaking in the hot tub while watching the sun set.


The next morning was our Mindful triathlon, Wanderlust , which I'll write more about next week! After the run, we headed back to Seattle by Uber. Our Uber driver was a man from the Ivory coast who spoke 6 languages. We had a great conversation and he told us about all his crazy Uber stories from cougars (women, not animals) to snakes (animals, not humans), and being threatened repeatedly. Second to food, I love traveling to meet new people and hear their stories. After we checked into our hotel, The Roosevelt, which we got a great deal on Groupon for, I did something crazy that I can't share with the internet haha. Wow, this is turning out to be a really dumb blog. After the unmentionable thing I did, I got to meet up with an old childhood friend, Chelsey, from Japan! We went to a highly-recommended Vietnamese restaurant (that I don't recommend lol) and got to catch up on the last nine years.


Traveling makes you realize how small the world is. You can go anywhere. You can be anywhere. You just have to choose. Anyways, if you made it to the bottom I probably love you or you're a weirdo. With AirBnb + Uber (and instagram to scout out the best spots) traveling is easier than ever. Also, Southwest Airlines is having a sale on flights until Thursday so book now!!! (I wish this was a sponsored post).

Safe travels, my friends!