13th Annual Pat Tillman Run in Tempe, Arizona

This past weekend was the 13th Pat Tillman run and I was happy to be a part of it, specially coming from a military family. The run was in honor of Pat Tillman's legacy and the ultimate sacrifice of serving our country. You can read more about it here! It's when you're reminded of these incredible stories, that you begin to question your own character, the values you hold close to your heart, and the avenues in which you choose to live your life. What is important?


We woke up at 5:30 am and made our way to Tempe, AZ. Despite +23,000 people registering for the race, we easily found free parking and everything was going smoothly. From the beginning I told myself "I can't do this, I can't do this." and with that mindset I couldn't. I stopped to walk a couple times which is funny because I can run a 5k without working out pretty easy, but add an extra mile in there and my mind can convince me to stop way early on. "I need to pee." "I forgot my chapstick." "Everyone else is walking..." were just some of my reasons for not pushing it. Granted I probably walked a total of 400 meters, but I'm still disappointed.

I've been working out consistently since December, getting 3-5 workouts in a week (up until the past two weeks) but I came down with the flu - body aches, chills, fever and all the week before the run. Haven't made it to the gym since. More than physical limitations, fitness is such a mental game! It's so hard to get yourself to work out when you're not in the right state of mind. And well... I haven't found a solution for that yet.

Anyways, I have a 5k/Yoga/Mindful Triathlon in Seattle coming up next month (Wanderlust 108) that my sister, Riz, and I have been doing for the past few years and I'm going for a PR ;) Back at it tomorrow (thanks to Icy hot)!

Sunshine Cacti