An Introduction


As far back as I could remember…

I could always be found with a notebook and pencil. Over 20 years later and that seems to be my only constant. For me, writing has always been about documenting life as it happens. It was a mechanism to captivate vulnerability and disrupt time. Words are personal. Yet, today I spend more time defining the voice of others that I forget about mine. I don't know if I'll ever write a book, or what kind of stories my words will tell, but just like I was back then - I'll be ready to document life as it happens. This time with more intention.

Everyday I find myself enamored with the way connotation could change a sentence, and how the mundane could be romanticized. And isn't it curious how some words don't translate culture to culture, yet our experiences are universal? We spend so much time crafting the perfect messages only for it to be skewed by the person on the other end. We only know what we know, and for the rest of the world's truth? You have to listen... Here's where you'll find mine.

Life Documents is an archive of new-to-me experiences stringed together with the aim of self-improvement. Today I am committing to all the versions of myself that I aspire to be and I hope it reminds you & I both that we can do anything we want to - we just have to start.




September 2018


digitizing art on skillshare by dylanm.


a digital marketing strategy to promote a book self-published by oldest sister and nephew!

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the Tim Ferris Show podcast! Honestly, it’s on my workout playlist.


lavender flavored everything.

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the Restless Wave by Senator John McCain

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my second time judging the Arizona Taco Festival!